About Sumter

welcome signWe are Sumter.

We were born of backcountry settlements where early patriots fought for our nation’s freedom.  We were named for Thomas Sumter, the fighting Gamecock of the American Revolution.


Even today the heroes of our community stand at the ready to defend our country.  We embrace our friends and neighbors of the Air Force and Army who work every day to make America safe. 


We are a community of connections where deep family roots combine with a welcoming spirit.  We are the perfect combination of small town warmth and city amenities. 


We celebrate the simple beauty of a stunning rural landscape, of a swan gliding across our storied gardens, of a clock tower standing sentinel over our historic and revitalizing downtown.


We have a proud past and play an important role on the world stage.  Yet, we look to the future with ambitious goals to provide the best for our children, to constantly improve our community, and to foster ongoing success.


We are Sumter, South Carolina.  Uncommon Patriotism, Progressive Spirit.



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